2021Membership Rates


Adult $831

Adult Ladies special $460 until June 15,2021

Couple $1276, must live in the same household

Family $1300, Couple and children under 18 or students, student must provide a valid student ID

1st  year $500. Not a member at our course for the last 3 years

2nd year $665

Student (18+) $300 Full time student & must provide a valid student ID

Junior (15-17) $200

Pre-Junior 7 to 14) free

80 years or older $415.50

90 or older free

1/2 year, August 1st to Oct 31, 2021 $450

Associate $415, play as many rounds as you want, however, must be a member at another club with a valid RCGA card

Out of Tri-County Area $665

Driving Range Membership, all include taxes

Adult $100

Couple $130, must live in same household

Family $160, couple and children under 18 or student

Student$60, must provide valid student ID

 Other services

Storage Lockers $60

Family storage  $120, based on availability

Power Caddy Storage $130, based on availability

Gas cart storage & Trail fee $150